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Your First Appointment at Dorland Chiropractic Clinic For Chronic Pain: What To Expect

Your First Appointment at Dorland Chiropractic Clinic for Chronic Pain: What to Expect

If you are dealing with chronic pain, you may have contemplated seeing our chiropractor for an assessment to determine treatment options that would offer you relief. Contact Dorland Chiropractic Clinic in Everett WA to make an appointment if you are experiencing discomfort on a daily basis. Our practitioner will help you determine the cause of your distress and will use appropriate actions to help decrease or eliminate pain. Here is some information about what you can expect during your first visit with our chiropractor.

History Will Be Assessed

Bring along any documents that show the history of any doctors' visits and the treatment you obtained from them. This information is a good starting point in helping our chiropractor decide upon a treatment plan that will work for your specific situation. Since previous treatment may not have worked, our practitioner will look toward other alternatives to minimize your pain. Make sure to alert our chiropractor about each area causing you distress so that they can accurately address the situation so you obtain the most favorable results in pain minimization.

A Check Up Is Conducted

Our chiropractor will have you perform a few tests to determine how much pain you are experiencing and which movements are causing them. This is helpful in pinpointing the exact area of the body to target to eliminate discomfort. You will need to move your body in various positions so that our chiropractor can check the range of motion you have available in the affected area as well as the threshold you have for pain when you perform simple tasks. As soon as you feel discomfort in performing a task during this assessment, stop the action and alert our practitioner.

Treatment Is Administered

Our chiropractor will use the information provided to them to select the exact areas along your spinal column to target when performing adjustments. Spinal manipulating is done with a series of gentle movements by our practitioner. Most people find the procedure to be calming and it puts them into a relaxed state after an adjustment is performed. Many people find that their discomfort subsides immediately after a session is completed as well. You may need to have subsequent sessions to relieve stress upon joints in your body in full. Temperature therapy may also be used to treat chronic pain of the body effectively.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Give Dorland Chiropractic Clinic in Everett, WA, a call to set up an appointment for an evaluation of your body so that a noninvasive treatment plan can be devised to bring you the relief you are seeking. Call our practice at (425) 337-5588 for more information about the services we provide.


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