Restore function

Adjustments are to help reduce abnormal movement patterns, restore function and reduce irritability. Also known as manipulation, adjustment is the minor movement of spinal vertebrae to realign them properly.

Your spine and neck

Sometimes the vertebrae move out of place resulting from daily activity or are forced my bluntly as a result of trauma resulting from an accident, such as a car crash, an awkward slip or fall.

Improve nerve signals

When your spinal vertebrae are misaligned, the flow of all nerve signals and systems in the body from the brain aren't able to function properly. Muscles become tense, motion becomes painful and more.

Peak performance

This overall systemic effect impacts your muscular-skeletal system as well as the central nervous system. You won't function at your absolute peak performance levels.

Low-force adjustment

The act of an adjustment is the gentle application of pressure by the doctor by means of hands or an instrument to help moves the vertebrae back in place.

Quick & painless

The movement is quick and painless. Sometimes you will hear a popping sound, like when your knuckles crack. This results from gases, oxygen & nitrogen, being released from the joint.

Easy payment plans

Dr. Dorland's office accepts most major insurances. If you don't have insurance or will need to pay a co-pay and small percentage not covered by insurance, you can set up a very easy payment plan and still receive the care you need & deserve.

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