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I have for the last year or so increased my emphasis on whole food nutrition. The results from our Chiropractic adjusting & balancing has been greatly enhanced. We primarily use Standard Process whole food supplements. The Following are international statements about the quality & philosophy of Standard Process.

Whole Food Philosophy

"The best sources of vitamins and minerals are found in whole foods."
-Dr. Royal Lee

  • For over 80 Years Standard Process has provided health care professionals with high quality, nutritional whole food supplements.
  • Provide nutrients as they are found in nature.
  • Nutrients remain intact and are not split from their natural associated synergists - known and unknown.

The Lee Philosophy

  • Dr. Royal Lee applied the axiom of holism "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" Dr. Lee eschewed the Cartesian model of breaking down the whole into fragmented parts. He observed that the whole was a functioning mechanism that had characteristics beyond the individual chemical components.
  • Researchers recognizing health benefits of consuming whole foods, attributing it to synergistic effects of bioactive compounds in foods. (Liu, 2004; Hoffman, 2003)

Necessity of Whole Food Concentrates

  • Decreased Nutrient Supply
    • Poor diet/lifestyle
    • Soil nutrient depletion
    • Farming practices
    • Processed, refined, chemicalized foods
  • Increased Nutrient Demand
    • Environmental pollution/toxins
    • Lifestyle & increased stress
  • Synthetic Vitamins

    • Synthetic vitamins are:
      • Artificial chemicals made in a factory from coal tar, petroleum, GMO corn syrup.
      • Most are made by the same 5 pharmaceutical companies
      • Based in the same reductionist principles as drug therapy
      • Have a pharmacological (not nutritional) effect on the body
      • Lack essential co-factors which complete and balance the nutrient complex
      • Create nutritional deficiencies of missing co-factors
      • Results in toxic "mega-dose" approch to the therapeutics (e.g. ascorbic acid)
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