How Our Staff Views Nutrition

At Dorland Chiropractic, we place our nutritional emphasis on whole foods and how they interact with the body to heal. We believe that foods working in harmony with our chiropractic care will ultimately lead to overall wellness. Whole food nutrition, in conjunction with chiropractic alignment, is a thorough process that provides the benefits of detoxing, weight loss, and comprehensive food practices to alleviate pain, enhance life force, and bring about 100% balance.


Standard Process Supplementation

Our Everett chiropractor offers Standard Process whole food supplementation, and here's why:

  • Each product is genuinely derived from the seed of the plant and gives you supreme supplementation to your regular nutrition program. 
  • They've been in business since 1929, with quality dedication to the philosophy of Dr. Royal Lee. He believes giving your body proper nutrition can cure and heal everything that ails.
  • Every nutrient of the Standard Process product is found in nature. There are no additives, preservatives, or chemicals that would dissuade the resilience and organic synergists that are naturally intact.
  • Standard Process is the world's leading whole foods based supplement. They've partnered with our Everett chiropractor to bring about nutrition counseling and a healthy, positive change in the body. 

The Necessity of Whole Foods

In concentrated form, Dr. Lee of Standard Process creates complex formulas that are in alignment with chiropractic care. Most ingredients of every whole food supplement is locally grown and harvested from seed to the bottle prior to delivering to the patient. The ingredients are safeguarded in such a way as to preserve the whole foods of each vegetable or fruit. 

When working with any detox regimens or weight loss programs, we ensure that the Standard Process whole foods philosophy is an integral part of your high-quality nutrition plan. If the nutrients provided are as close to nature as possible, the benefits of wellness take a necessary leap forward into balance and homeostasis.

Our Mission at Dorland Chiropractic

We want to deliver the pinnacle of whole food nutrition. Believing that the body works together with what we eat, how we move, and any emotional factors, our Everett chiropractor remains one step ahead of the curve. Your journey into wellness is the main reason we provide nutrition counseling for every bodily ailment that gets triggered into misalignment.

Chiropractic care and nutrition go hand in hand. When one is failing or left untreated, the body responds in such a way as to rebel and feel physically unsupported. Dorland Chiropractic is passionate about working together to enhance nutrition alongside our routine treatments and therapy. 

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