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Dr. Rod Dorland

Relief & Blessing

“I met Dr. Rod Dorland some years ago in a martial arts class called Aikido. I then went to him for chiropractic adjustments when my back went out. As a result of his expert care, I was up, walking and back in the dojo in no time. Recently I experienced a prolonged highly stressful period which resulted in a debilitating leg injury and severe vertigo. I made an appointment with Dr. Dorland in the hope that he could address these issues.

In the first session, he adjusted my atlas vertebrae which eliminated the dizziness and the nausea and headaches that had accompanied it. Dr. Dorland’s gentle techniques of brining the body into full alignment using the energy meridians and acupressure points removes blockages and allows the body to heal itself without the trauma of bone manipulation. Within a few sessions the inflammation in my knee and ankle was significantly reduced and I was nearly pain free.

Dr. Dorland also incorporates techniques that enhance mental clarity and improve brain function. Both have been of great benefit in my recovery.
I know that if I had consulted him during the months of difficulty, I probably could have avoided incurring the various physical problems and much of the emotional distress.
I appreciate the previous positive connection which brought me back to Dr. Dorland’s practice.
Now I am certain that my body is on the mend, and with Dr. Dorland’s assistance, I will achieve 100% recovery. What a relief! What a blessing!”

V.R. –Snohomish, WA

Quick Relief

Needing a chiropractor, I went to Dr. Rod Dorland for help. I found he was not the traditional type of chiropractor I had gone to in the past. He used different methods for adjusting than I had experienced before. The pain was relived in a shorter period of time than I thought possible! He kindly explained (at my request) that bones are pulled by muscle, muscles ruled by nerves, and nerves by the brain. I am pain free!

I still go to Dr. Dorland to stay healthy. Usually I go into his office a bit tense (life’s stresses) and leave with a truly wholesome feeling. Thank you Dr. Dorland for being so proficient at your trade! -P.J.


I was referred to Dr. Dorland by my Naturopathic Doctor. The pain I was feeling was horrible, especially after driving. I had to walk to help with the pain before going to the office where I work at a desk all day long. After seeing Dr. Dorland for 3 visits I was totally out of pain. He gave me the information I needed to stay well. His chiropractic business is a little different as he works with bones, muscles, nerves, and the brain. I was fascinated with his approach and very grateful for his success! -J.T.

Gentle Adjustments

“I have gone to Dr. D off and on for several years. I first went after a car accident, and have gone back for "tune-ups" ever since. He is wonderful in his ability to get me back up on my feet and ready to go. His office is always clean and professional, and he and his staff are welcoming and friendly.

I am immediately greeted when I walk in (I was, even the first time), and am quickly assigned a room. Dr. D is friendly; he doesn't "crack" anything, is gentle as he "reconnects" my body's communication with itself, listens to my expectations and responds to my issues. He has an active mailing list, and frankly, it helps to get his gentle reminders that he is there--l've been to other chiropractors in years past , but I'll never change , now!” -a member from Angie’s List

Amazingly Effective

“I have been seeing Dr. Dorland regularly for the past two years, since I have found occasional or regular chiropractic adjustments to be valuable and beneficial since I sustained back injuries about 30 years ago.

My experience with Dr. Dorland has been as good as I imagine experience with chiropractic can be.

I have found his adjustments very (sometimes amazingly) effective –walking into his office with complaints and walking out free of them, or gaining freedom from them within hours of minutes after leaving his office. Dr. Dorland’s professionalism, and that of his staff, is outstanding – combined with genuine warmth and concern for helping clients fulfill and maintain their highest potential health-wise.

I have found Dr. Dorland and his adjustment techniques to be the most effective and gentlest of all in my experience with chiropractic – having been adjusted and “maintained”, over time, by at least 7 chiropractors in 4 states”. –a member from Angie’s List


"I want to thank you for the adjustment and the wonderful “Evening with the Doctor”. It is apparent to me the passion you have for your work and how deeply you care about the clients/patients you serve; which I, is enhanced by Heather and Uta. I am grateful for the difference you have made in my life. Your care has changed my life forever. I am blessed by knowing you, Heather and Uta and thank you from the bottom of my heart." -Susan H.C.

Able to enjoy my 22 yr. old body!

"I have had chronic hip/lower back pain for almost 3 years. Walking, standing, even lying down was painful due to muscle tension & pain. Work & physical activity was difficult, I slept poorly & limited myself due to constant pain. I also tried massage & another chiropractor before coming to Dorland Chiropractic.

I was out of pain in 3 sessions! The care is very gentle & effective, Dr. Dorland is empathic & understanding as well.

With daily pain gone I can relax, do regular physical activity & not have to worry about what I could not do. I am on a new level of relaxation, & I am generally a very calm non stressed person. I feel more empowered, now that my health is within in my control. I am 22 yrs. of age & I had felt old. Now I can use my body & rely on it like a young person should be able too! I am telling others to come see Dr. Dorland!" -D.S.

My back pain was killing me

"Where are all of the Everett chiropractors when you need them? I never guessed that it was going to happen that day but it did. The kids and I were having fun, I wasn't doing anything strenuous but somehow I twisted my back and it was killing me.

I am typically pretty healthy, so I thought the pain would go away, but it didn't and I decided to get some help. I remembered my friends mentioning an Everett chiropractor that they went to and they raved about. I called one of my friends and she gave me his name.

When I first met Dr. Dorland his techniques were new to me. He put me at ease simply with his mellow, friendly, and down-to-earth personality. He didn't rush the appointment and I felt like he was totally focused on helping me.

The techniques Dr. Dorland uses were not forced adjustments. They were gentle and they worked. I even felt relaxed when he was done, it was amazing. As a result of the relief I got from that first appointment, I have become a regular patient. I go for overall health and for other problems that may occur in my body.

Working with Dr. Dorland is a partnership. He works with me to help heal my body. We always know when he hits the spot because my sinuses open up. I know that sounds strange but it's my signal for when it's working. A side benefit that I get from working with Dr. Dorland after my appointments is an overall mellow feeling; I call it the "Dr. Dorland calm." I also like the fact that Dr. Dorland is continually learning new techniques and technologies to help his patients.

I've seen him for my carpal tunnel problems as well. As a result of working with him, I have not had to have surgery or take other more drastic measures. After working with Dr. Dorland, I have learned that he helps me heal to a certain point and then I have to do my part in the healing process. He's really good at helping me see my part in that process.

I feel so much better overall as a result of seeing Dr. Dorland. He also made me aware of my posture, which is good. We have a whole group of friends that go to Dr. Dorland, its great!!" -Eileen

Relief after Back Injury

"In 2005 after crushing two disks in my back due to a Sea-Doo accident, I was able to return to work within six weeks. Thanks to Dr. Dorland and his chiropractic skills. I continue seeing him to maintain that level of normal/pain free function and for overall health." -Patrick T.

Unique Technique that reliefs my low Back Pain

"Dr. Dorland's techniques are different from other chiropractors I've seen; they are very gentle and extremely effective. Dr. Dorland is very thorough and he genuinely cares about his patients. I never feel like he is in a hurry to finish with me and I always get relief from my low back pain." -Mary

Great Improvements

"I injured my back when I was 14 years old and as result have seen many different chiropractors over the years. I have seen Dr. Dorland for over three years and his techniques work better for me than any other chiropractor’s techniques. The chronic problems are actually disappearing, whereas with other chiropractors the treatment would help for a short time but the old patterns would return very shortly thereafter. I highly recommend Dr. Dorland and his techniques. He really cares about helping you heal." -Paula

Excellent Results

"Dr. Dorland provides me with immediate pain relief. More importantly, over time I have experienced generalized improved physical and mental health". -Christopher H.

Pain Free

"Many times I've walked into Dr. Dorland's office and walked out free from pain". I look forward to this appointment more than other Doctor visit, because I know the outcome will always be positive. I come and go with the confidence that I have just helped my body heal". -Annie S.

Stress Free and Positive Environment

"I really appreciate the no stress atmosphere of Dr. Dorland's office. I look forward to the friendly, positive environment each time I visit". -Annie

"Dr. Dorland creates a relaxed and stress-free environment in which he is able to help people find immediate -and lasting- relief." -Hannah S.

Happy With Results

"I had very severe pain in my lower back & legs; it was so bad I couldn’t walk for a couple of weeks.

I sought help from other sources and aside from receiving a few pain recurring shots, nothing helped. I was on both over the counter and prescription drugs, which did not help in the long run.

A friend suggested I take the “natural approach”. I had doubts about that at first. But that natural chiropractic process allowed me to walk almost pain free after only 4 treatments. I tell my friends now I am unsure how all this works, but its working for me on both the physical and emotional level. I am so very grateful! Thank you Dr. Dorland!" -Joy L.

Fast Relief

"I hit the floor with a back spasm & couldn't get up. I called my daughter who helped me to get to Dr. Dorland's office. She had to help me walk into his office -the pain was so bad I thought I would fall over again! He saw me for 15 mins. and I walked out on my own & drove myself home.

I also saw Dr. Dorland after I was rear ended -and I was able to keep the whiplash affects to a minimum. (this happened 3 times!).

For me, Dr. Dorland's work is fast, with relief of symptoms that day! I don't know about other chiropractors

-I trust Dr. Dorland and his staff". -K.B.

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