Bodily tissue injury

The sooner you are examined; adjusted after an accident generally the quicker you heal and are able to reestablish your normal activities. “Maybe it will go away” attitude can end up prolonging treatment and establishing neurological, and soft tissue problems that are more resistant to recovery , than if treatment is started soon. Car accidents result in trauma to the body, even if you don't feel anything initially. In fact, aches & pains resulting later in life can be the aftermath of an auto accident you suffered many years earlier.

Stress & pain

The anxiety, fear that often accompanies trauma can be as devastating as the physical consequences of the accident. With our advanced techniques we can help you defuse the Mind/Body emotional component to your accident.

Minor stiff neck?

Even if you don't feel as if you've suffered from any injuries, be sure to see Dr. Dorland before you make any major decisions to resume normal activities. Underlying issues may be the cause of that minor stiff neck.

Long Term & Short Term

Accidents as well as other major trauma may have a devastating effect on the health of your nervous system. The nerve system directly controls the function of your body. Short term pain from the injury but long term reduction in your body’s ability to repair makes it very important that you are examined after trauma.

Latent injury

It cannot be stressed enough that you can still be seriously injured without feeling any pain. It's imperative that you be seen by our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Dorland as soon as possible after an auto accident for a full examination.

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