Immune system boost

Children suffer multiple falls, bumps and twists in their daily lives. Running, playing, walking, riding bike and sports participation can cause abnormal stress on the spine. Ensure your child's immune system is 100%


Many parents with children who have been diagnosed with ADD / ADHD have found that the non-drug, natural solutions offered by chiropractic care has been very helpful for their child and their symptoms.

Infant & Children

Infant adjustments in our clinic are very gentle and balancing. Children have spines just like us adults. Misalignments, imbalances can add to your child’s health problems as well reduced optimal function. Children respond well to this natural approach as they are very open.

Stop bedwetting

Chiropractic care isn't a treatment for bedwetting, so a thorough exam by a physician is necessary. However, if the bedwetting is caused by interference of the nerves from the spine, many children will experience great results.

Colicky infants

If your infant - ages two weeks to four months - cries in excess of three hours per day for more than three days per week for three week duration, it may be colic. Bring your infant into our clinic. Infants have found relief from colic from chiropractic care.

Ear infections

If your child suffers from frequent ear infections, it may be due to a distortion of the upper spine, resulting in nerve tension. A quick light touch from the skilled fingertips of Dr. Dorland will help to restore the integrity of the nervous system.

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